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Hannity: American leadership is needed now more than ever

Hannity: American leadership is needed now more than ever

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Hannity: American leadership is needed now more than ever

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20 Comments on "Hannity: American leadership is needed now more than ever"

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rick grimes

Thank God for Trump.

Charlton Singleton

No, it not for me…when will Police stop in America killing unarmed black people.. so don't tell me about people in England….

Full Nelson TV

If these Cuck Libtard Judges in the USA don't get onboard with the Travel Ban, the DOJ should look at charging them with Acts of Sedition (as they are looking to undermine the President, ignoring an established law, and the right President Trump has to temporarily suspend immigration of any sort, until he sees fit, in order to Protect American Citizens).


if anything happens in this country I would blame the liberals that are to busy going after Trump instead of doing their freaking jobs they get paid to do!

it's freaking ridiculous how little they do for the public!

Corian Griffin

Good job president trump.

Micro Aggression

Didn't Donald of Arabia just do that little beta cuck dance, curtsy for the King and convert to Islam ?

Jim Smith

Hannity is the Pussy Ass Reporter that Bruce Willis's wife punches out in Die Hard! #FireHannity

Eli Ohlman

Exactly what Trump was talking about. And the Democrats fight to remove him and open our borders. Dems. are just sooo ignorant. Either that or this is exactly what they are trying to accomplish in our country also.

Adolf Hitler

BY ARMING SAUDI TERRORISTS????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Micro Aggression

Yeah call them "losers" Donny, that'll work… you fucking cuck, you didn't even have the sack to say the words "Radical Islamic Terrorism"…


Fox News is now a disgrace for covering up the Seth Rich Murder. Britain is a disgrace for allowing Islamic Terrorists, Simply God will wipe out the Muslim Islamic Religion in 2 years Time.

Ash n

Time for talking calling these criminals cowards is passed long ago. It is time to take action. Time to take action honestly without worrying about geopolitical gains.

jared leo

the usa caused this shit so the rest of the world has to suffer, fix it yourself


Hannity, you must have got lost, somewhere down the line.


How about a tactical nuke for every terrorist attack in the city of the terrorist of native origin.


To all liberals- i have no words.

Mark Green

Selling Saudi Arabia billions in weapons and then making a speech asking them to do what they can to stomp out terrorism is like selling a bunch of guns to the mafia and then asking them to see what they can do about stopping extortion happening in the community.

Moniroth Bruce

Trump called filthy dirty arab islamic animals suicide bombers losers , dogs who made islam filthy to palestinains who name streets after filthy dirty arab islamic animals suicide bombers losers and using US and Eu taxpayers $ to finance the livelihood of those filthy dirty arab islamic animals suicide bombers losers' family.

Wake up.

America is ISIS
America did 911

Shahrukh Farooqui

Using a sad massacre to gain political points really pathetic hannity. Even rational person knows what you're doing.



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