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Gutfeld: Democrats, it’s time to move on

Gutfeld: Democrats, it’s time to move on

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Gutfeld: Democrats, it’s time to move on

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27 Comments on "Gutfeld: Democrats, it’s time to move on"

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paul ramsey

Doesn't mention lying under oath?

Truthification Chronicles
Truthification Chronicles

Probably the only time I'm ever going to agree with Bob. Shrimp isn't smelly so get over it.

donald richard

Money doesn't always work.

Ed Findlay

The two ladies are discriminating Shrimp!

laura Smith

sounds like Comedy made legal decisions on the information he had at hand. People want to see Trump's income taxes. I want to see Hillary's emails. Hillary has made bad decisions sense her twenties. I can't even fathom to believe people voted for her after the tapes of her admitting deception on a criminal rapist case she defended.

Chelsea Upholstery

what a waste of time.

Zack Reynolds

Hilary is the Cringe de la Cringe


Who's the Goon on the right of the screen wearing the gray wig? WEIRD.


Bob Beckel and his suspenders need to go. He ruins the show.


Not sure what Waters is talking about but shrimp does smell.

Todd Penney

I think the whole world is lucky that Hilary Clinton did not win. She is entitled, inhuman, and she doesn't have any values or morals. Trump may not be perfect but he seems to be able to learn and move forward.


SHE IS A PART of the resistance of not being crucified by her donors for blowing $1,2bln bucks and loosing the election

Scott Pedroley

Dana…I think your a hottie..Not as much as Kimberly…but still a hottie. But get off the shrimp stage. They couldn't help that you have that petite overly sensitive nose…lol.
Maybe you need a good ride on a shrimp boat. That might help.

Dan Zan

Hey Beckel, why didn't you come off with,"It's Ohver?" You will be wrong forever!

Bruce CD

Like the Democrats are gonna listen to someone like Gutfeld. Fox news is only one side of the story, it is the least trusted news source by Americans. This is backed up by polls. If it is your only source, you would do well to round it out with another one. Also, Fox seems to like to light up our ANGER! Something there is enough of in our country already. God bless!

darryl runnels

hillary left a train load of shit that would fertilize the sinah desert

Renee Stern

It didn't matter if she went or didn't go to PA, WI, MI. No one showed up at her rally's anyway. The old dems voted for her. The new voters did not. She lost because we needed a change. Not Obama's "change". But an outsider.

David L
She is still NOT getting it. What is her sniffing? I like to have some she has. Most presidential candidates just want to be elected as presidents. I did not see strong passion and beliefs in their heart, but power hungry. People can feel the real energy of her motives. She is NOT a likable person, a liar, very fake, has so much baggage and a professional politician. I had nightmares after looking at her angry face with her eye balls popping out her eye sockets. Anyone associates with her family had a streak of bad lucks. Fortunately USA dodged… Read more »
SR 0

That Comey FBI guy he should be locked up too! He's nothing but a failure and the stupid dumb Democrat that we all know voted for the fake president The Real dictator of America & Hitler Hillary Rotten Clinton the other dictator of America! Plus he was put in there to get rid of Donald Trump! Because he is a Trader to the American race and to America! He's nothing but a bum!

Melissa Evelyn

FOX NEWS PLEASE EDUCATE Watter… he needs it badly. Watter is the reason for the decline of Fox News viewers. WATTER HAS NO MORALS. Watter's is an orphan child; one silly clown. An over-sized goof boy who most likely will not be a man until he is old a saggy; very sad. EDUCATE THIS WATTER TOTTER.

Gutfelt Please Educate The Odd Boy Watter

Chuck Jones

Why the fuck do they have Beckel on this show, he's an idiot.


"Trump was the least popular candidate according to polling". LMAO! yeah, we know how accurate "polling" is now dont we? sorry, but looking back at Trump rallies before the election, i would say that Trump was VERY popular. i think people need to throw away the polls, and pay attention to the data that is right in front of their faces.

Oda Swifteye

This goddamn Seinfeld skit with the Shrimp. Is that supposed to be funny it's giving me a headache!

Tim Faircloth
James Anagnos

Comey should be clubbed like a baby seal fucking lying piece of dog shit

Conni Lane

"Riding the rails like a carefree hobo"- PERFECT, but she doesn't give me the impression she's a very happy person.

Randy Brindle

get over it snowflakes…WE won, you lost….time to go back to class or work and be a normal human being…



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