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Grooming Gang: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing…

Grooming Gang: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing…

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Grooming Gang: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing…

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39 Comments on "Grooming Gang: ‘White Women Are Good for Only One Thing…"

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Pyrrhic Victory

Still no word from the feminists?

The OS

two words of advice for the UK: ARM UP!

Pippi Elvesse Bernstein
Pippi Elvesse Bernstein

Living in Los Angeles, I have heard this same opinion from all kinds of Middle Eastern natives for decades. Yet everyone laughed at Carter's energy conservation plan (I can drive 55, it's fine) and gave all our $ to the Middle East for the oil.

Steve Roberts

Feminists be like all………….

Drexyll Durden



rise up UK beat the living shit out of those racist savages every time they think screaming "racist" gets them off the hook jack that jaw even harder so hard it knocks that filth back to the shithole they came from with their jaws wired shut so they can have a moment of silence to reflect on their disgusting behavior and stupidity.

Scuba Sloth



They started this war thinking God is with them. Wrong- God is with U.S. ha, ha! Get it?
That's right Islamic extremists, here in America we try to treat our women with love and respect- not rape, control, mutilate genitals, or otherwise treat like dogs. Any of you "feminists" disagree? Suck it.
Arm up UK and your problem disappears. Prove me wrong.

Lola Quinn

Society ever falls apart… game on!


Too bad these guys aren't Canadian. Justin Trudeau would give them each $10 million and heartfelt apology.

Rose Ferreri

Prayers to God , Almighty Jesus Christ to deal with these Wicked Monsters!

lemurian chick

Um yeah…but who created these bogeymen? Can we say CIA? Knew we could. 🙄

William Matthews

Religion of peace is utter bullshit. Cut their balls off without anesthesia, then catapult them into the ocean. Sharks gotta eat too.


And guess what folks….they all have a warm bed and halaal approved foods…proudly sponsored by white taxpayers. I cant wait for the west to fall into complete chaos….then I can hunt these fuckers down at my leisure.

Michael Thomas

British men ..
You know the police or govt is not going to do anything to help A.
So take it upon yourselves to go fuck these backwards sand niggers up.
Ill be goddamn if you watch idlely by in the motherland, and let this happen.
Goodamn it you think your ancestors would stand for this, they be cutting off their nuts hanging them in the swuare

Michael Thomas

I dont have kids yet.
But if they did this to my daughter and said that.
I would bail them out of jail myself, so i could personally go midevil on that motherfucker.
I would give him a blood transfusion so he could stay alive longer, so i could kill him slower.
I would start at his toes, and cut off a piece till i got to his fucking throat.


Death to Islam!
… words can't commute/ transport/ explain the THOUSANDS of rapes, murders and acid attacks

Melina Spain

justice system in the UK is totally corrupt.. a 13 year old girl! Come on! We are supposed to protect our next generation! Send these low life scums back to there own country.. karma will get them!

Craig MacGillicutty

Remove kebab with guns….lots of guns. 🚁👌🐸 And after we're done with them, all the political quislings who enable this illegal spread of Muslim hordes throughout civilization. #War

Marco Polo

GB gets what they ordered.

Heather's Video House
Heather's Video House

Just execute the whole gang

Dark Dan

Sounds like Europe needs its white men back….bye….

John Ratko

It only continues and gets worse until we rise up and remove leftists from the equation.

Mr Happy Guy

Nothing will be done.


I bust my cherry on a Muslim chick, I want every Muslim make in the world to know she loved my fat white Scottish cock in her ass. Hail Kek

were wally

I fucking dare these shit dicks to try this in the U.S.

Michelle Harris

This has been happening for years but thank goodness for people like Tommy Robinson who has spoken out about this on many occasions and been labelled a racist!.. Muslim is not a race a misogynistic ideology that treats women like second class citizens!.. And they treat ALL none Muslim girls worse that trash, I hope that people are seeing that 90% of sexual assaults are being committed by the same exact demographic and stand up and say something should be done about it!..


Good job feminist. This is what you wanted. MGTOW.

The RedHeadedArtist

WHAT A WASTE OF HUMAN FLESH! He'll certainly be treated really well by other inmates!

John Adams

When are we going to go on crusade again brothers?

Fla sun
Reverse discrimination on the USA. Black lives matters okay, Mohammed Ali center for learning enrichment okay, BET Black entertainment okay, Black Voice only section in the news paper okay, Martin Luther King Street sign in every city ok too, but keep dismantling white confederate hero's and you piss off the white folk. Now if white folk had an only white school, news papers, entertainment, or speech and we're a racist. WTH is wrong with this picture. I'm white and I've heard this race crap all my life and I'm damn sick of it. You don't tear down one to elevate… Read more »
Dark Dan

Where are you at dimbart? Fuck white nationalists…nazi=isis


Any coverage of the recent terror attack in VA?

The use of the term, racist, has been worn out. The idea, to label everyone who opposes you, as a racist, came from communist Jews after WWII. Judaism calls them "atheist Jews." First, they used the words, antisemitism and Jew hater against anyone who didn't agree with them. Next, the same communist Jews, all professors from the Frankfurt School, who fled Germany for the US, (Herbert Marcuse, et al), started the racist term, and incited the race riots in the US, by telling young college students that they were victims, and they should revolt. That is where the Black Panthers… Read more »
molly bird

Libtardism Kills !!!

Kimi Kimey

This is why i beat up Muslim men real bad whenever is see them.

Robert Campbell

This has been disturbing me for a while now. I was going to make a video on this subject, so i started doing my homework on it. I can tell you. I dropt the video. It started disturbing me big time.

We Brits need to start targeting these rape gangs. Its not hard to find them now. They are all over the news. Do your homework on who there freands are and who they hang around with. Check them on social media. Follow them on the streets. Give me a call when you organise. Im fucking angry.

anon for good

Its recently been revealed that Muslim grooming gangs have been in operation in 16 towns across the whole of the UK! Thats going to amount to thousands of victims.The first case that came to light had at least 1,400 victims! And that was in a town that had a total Muslim population of something like 10,000 people. So they are obviously very effective at what they do, are they not?


Trump is a traitor guys. Bannon 2020



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