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Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

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Government Can’t Fix Healthcare

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Just because something is simple and "makes sense" doesn't mean that it's right. This problem is a lot more complex than it's made out here to be.


Government planned healthcare doesn't work because it is unproductive. Productivity determines cost. Government planning is simply inefficient and rife with waste fraud and abuse. We must eliminate all taxation (especially income taxation), welfarism, and regulation that limits growth, competition, and innovation, to create a healthcare renaissance in this country.


Strange thing is, Sweden is working just fine

Samuel John

Hey PragerU, will you ever do a video on our Private Central Bank (Federal Reserve) and how the root cause of Debt Slavery via Usury?

Or is that topic too anti-Semitic?

Malibu Dolphin

gov't is not good at anything! except stealing, interference & murder!

Wyatt Evans

Canadian here, I agree… except comparing Health Insurance to buying a TV is something of a false equivalency isn't it? Unlike buying a TV people actually need Health coverage.. and where do they turn when they can't afford it? The government of course, which ends up being very expensive and bringing us to the same issues that led to the introduction of trainwreck legislation like Obamacare.


what about people who can't afford the health insurance?

Daniel Ashford
I'm from New Zealand and our single payer healthcare system works great. I agree with the logic in the video except for one thing. When something is going to kill you the seller can depend an extremely high price. Single payer means that everyone has to deal with the government in order to sell their drugs and services to NZers so if your price is too high they will not buy. We also have access to private health insurance as well so it is not like we lose anything. My company pays for health insurance which covers private care and… Read more »
Ramdomcom Films

What about universal healthcare.

Robert Polanco

Personally, I think the free market in the area of health care just doesn't always work. I wonder what would people like Bob McEwen would say to someone who is NOT on health insurance? At least, I am glad that NOT everyone agrees with what people like McEwen said about what the role of the free market in health care is all about. I for one believe in free universal healthcare and I am worried more about the high cost of free market health care.


Did anyone else strangely find his voice kind of relaxing?

James Reilly

3:25, Sure but I'd like the right to deny any and all coats made when I was unconscious as I didn't consent to the contract, meaning the contract is null. This means I don't have to do my end of the deal, as I didn't say yes to it.

Atlas Tobin

The fat rich people just don't wanna pay for people who have health problems, mostly inherited diesease like autism or diabetes or even heart diesease


This benefits wealthy interests alone. You're either bending over for them or you fight them. There is no in between.

Jay Tea

2:27. Kek. This is called Kek.

Christopher McAnally

This video is FILLED with falsehoods. As someone who's lived in Singapore, I can say that Government CAN do healthcare and do it well. In fact it works better than the so called free market.

Embrace pragmatism, not ideology. There are things government can do and things it can't.

Jesus My Savior

US Government Can't Fix Healthcare! Period!
Too much corruption!


And yet I bet this person has either Medicare or some other government-funded healthcare plan. Just sayin'.

I have literally never heard someone make a serious claim that Medicare should be repealed, but it is the same thing, just for a different group.

David Pardy

I wouldn't say goverment trying to work healthcare is necessarily bad an it could work the issue in America is it works off of insurance which has become a massive economic system in america, had there not been health insurance and simply hospitals the goverment paid for the whole system would work but to try and make healthcare affordable you have to work off of health insurance rules and thats why it cant work, unless the goverment is willing to destroy an entire economic sector

You make some legitimate points about our current system however I would argue it does not need to be this way. The guy buying the giant frog is a jerk. He is fully capable of thinking about what others might like and acting on it. Similarily if those in law making positions actually cared for their constituents they wouldn't be wasting our money and making fools of us all. The problem comes from giving one person or more broadly, entity, power to decide what the receiver(s) will get. With more involved in the decision making it is more likely that… Read more »
Jesus My Savior

George Soros knew that to destroy America from within was to get a Kenyan elected as our president. He'd push Obamacare on Americans would destroy Capitalism in the country & our Insurance companies.
When a government controls the nation of people and they can't revolt it is called Tyranny.

Fateh Entabi

I like the general idea discussed in this video. However, it didn't address people that can't afford health insurance.

cosmic watermelon

How much single minded shit can produce without replying to anybody who calls you out on it.

Rebel Riot

Love how all of the comments that say this video is wrong has logic and reasonable arguments countering them, but everyone who say this video is correct only get "countered" by baseless rhetoric and accusations of corruption.

Brandon Lundy

so a government official claims government spending is wrong. please follow this guys votes in Congress and tell he is looking out for you. I agree the point but this man is a fraud.


And now they want to get rid of Obamacare with no alternative.

Ashton Vicci

Of cause Obamacare is failure because Trump is letting it fail and letting all the poor ppl who can't afford the health insurance down big time.


The solution is simple. Let the American people choose their healthcare, but subsidize a large percentage of it. That way, it's affordable, but maintains the benefit of a free market.

Me Name

If you want to see what government healthcare is like just look at Charlie Gard the baby held hostage by the British health care system & sentenced to death also notice where the experimental & better quality treatment his parents are fighting to take him to is located, the USA. It exists here because we don't have a full on LEFTIST health care system yet. Repeal Obamacare

Patrick Dukemajian

I can make the exact same arguments against government police but conservatives ignore these exact same shortcomings because they have an irrational love of police employees.



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