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Former Israeli foreign minister on Trump trip, Mideast peace

Former Israeli foreign minister on Trump trip, Mideast peace

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Former Israeli foreign minister on Trump trip, Mideast peace

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27 Comments on "Former Israeli foreign minister on Trump trip, Mideast peace"

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Allan Hill

As an interviewer you would make a very good street sweeper ,you arrogant twat !


This interviewer for Fox News needs to shut up and let his guest finish giving her answer. He's rude and annoying.

Robert Hudson

Fox Jews is news for ewes.

Robert Hudson

He is the story. She isn't the story. She's just someone for him to talk at. She's not important. He's important. Welcome to Fox Jews.

Robert Hudson

Israel is the 51st state of the USA. SPEAK AMERICAN!

Julie King

He needs to stop interrupting her. Rude!

Clifford Mcbee

results are what matter. and 6out of 10 people are living in the matrix of the left. free shit from birth is a right , though can't explain how this is possible when they won't work produce something. prison is also a free ride. l say let's medieval and re established LAW ! start execution of traitors in public ! love America or leave for those socialist society countries ! begone.

jerry g

This asshole personality at Fox needed to shut his mouth and let this Israeli perspective come forth.

Jim K

This guy is a dick head.

Nate Price

what leverage? lol Haven't you read your Bible. one of two things will happen. I'll only talk about the second. if this is the real deal. the Jews will get their third Temple!!!! that is what they want.

Leighton Julye

no President in USA history has ever visited Jerusalem

Egil Lomeland

There is no way America can make a proposal if there is no will to make a deal on the two sides. Palestine loves its victim status because of billions of dollars flowing to them. Stop the money and they will be more agreeable to a deal.

Lilian Bailey

What is wrong with the reporter? He is incredible rude and annoying. Let the guest speak. WHAT IS WRONG WITH FOW?

Genessa Avara

Teachering, I agree. one of the rudest people.

Dave Scruton

Dude are you interviewing or interrogating? Get a job at GITMO if you have that need.

Gina Collins

Who is this rude Man from Fox? He wouldn't let her finish a answer and he sounds like he doesn't want Israel and Palestine to reach an agreement. Fox News has been taken over by liberals hoping for a peace deal to fail rather than see President Trump succeed.

Knight Oyin

What is this interviewer's name? He is good, but he needs to stop interrupting the guest so often. I know he is pressed for time but he doesn't need to keep cutting her off in the middle of her responses!

Les Johnson

Yes he's annoying. As someone said below this is not an interview it's him taking a platform.

diesel power

what a douche.Was he at CNN before?!


This dude is a douche

Johnny Hayhurst

Shut up dude…..

Johnny Hayhurst

I'll bet he never interrupted the touted Palestinian interview subject.


Yikes, this gal looks like Hillary!

Jason Lampro

Hey Fox, get this amateur off. He has no respect and does not know how to listen. I hope you do know how. Thanks and Peace.

Nelson Rivera

Hey "McLier"

Martin Mwondha

Is this guy for real? Can he be any more rude? I hope he loses his job. But before they fire him, I hope someone forces him to watch this clip so he can see how rude he his to his guests.

Merlin Choo

when both side had no idea what they can come forward with to work with but only come with what the other side must stop doing. forget any real solution. any arbitrator would ultimately faced failure.

POTUS need to assert that both need to come forth with concession, not demand, else all these are no action talk only also known as NATO.



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