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Fired Google employee speaks out on lawsuit

Fired Google employee speaks out on lawsuit

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Fired Google employee speaks out on lawsuit

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hope they win a billion+ dollar judgement.

Voxel Spark

Just when you thought liberals couldn't get any more insane they turn Google into the forth Reich and are now on a mission to incrementally exterminate whites through shame and discrimination. This should scare the shit out of everyone as google has positioned itself as the gatekeeper of the internet.

george bush

Stop using Google search & G-mail. There are other search engines and e-mail providers.

george bush

How could anyone be mean to this kid? Google needs to pay for their B.S.!


Privacy breaching, discrimination, social engineering, employee bullying, providing data to NSA, suppressing freedom of speech (via video demonetization), am I missing something from the portfolio of the company with a motto "Don't be evil" ?

James Simmons
This is no surprise. It is private companies that routinely violate constitutional guarantees. Corporations make rules for behavior which, if done by government, would result in lawsuits. Imagine a huge homeowner's association and you'll understand. This is one area in which having independent workers unions are a good idea. Me? I've built a new computer for myself. It's Google free. I use Firefox with Noscript to stop Java scripting. No. I do not allow Google anayltics and Twitter to do the cookie thing with my searches. I used to use Gmail. No more. Now I use fully encrypted Proton Mail… Read more »
Jeremy Sepeda

You shouldn't be fired for your political views, unless you play for a private football company…

Jon Smith

What do the rulers of Google have in common with other power groups?
It's a mystery.

Jon Smith

Apropos of nothing… chews

vermilion J

Couldn't they find a white male lawyer?

Max Sands

google keeping track of everything you do on the internet. We conservatives can never let a liberal democrat in office again. If they change laws in the future they can take your past and destroy your life with it. Isn't that right you scumbag google spies!

Bassem Sarris

Yes, rich white conservatives are the victims. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Guy can't get laid, claim you're conservative and foul play.

Scott Washburn, MD
This employment restrictive bias is not just in the tech industry, but I also have experienced it commonly during medical school. Being pro-life, conservative, religious, white, or male can get students in a lot of trouble, even to the point of being "dismissed", which means being expelled. This can even result in students being kicked out of med school and still owing the $250,000+ in educational debt, but with no degree. I was at a public med school, but still experienced this. Somehow, I made it through with my degree, but it is a scary atmosphere, and was especially scary… Read more »
Valerie Verhoeven

The Government and Big Tech represent an unholy marriage that threatens to take down all the Western Democracies……..don't believe me, it is happening already in Europe and is on our doorstep in the US.


Maybe before he makes an accusation, he should know what percentage of Google employees are white and more specifically white men.


This is much bigger than I first thought and I knew it was pretty big to start. His attorney is going to the very root of Google.

René Casaña

This is what happens when you don't let those geniusses to direct a big company and instead you hire a bunch of sickos to occupy high executive positions just to fill a political agenda.

Daenerys Targaryen

so an ugly wanker cant get a job then whines

why am i not suprised

Daniel Wyvern

Not many real heroes around anymore. James Damore is a hero.

Green Fish
James Damore is a great guy. He simply does not want to see any discrimination or bias in the workplace, and he called Google out on it.  Good for him.  He's not sexist by any means if you watch his interviews and read the memo.  People whose minds are stuck in a political cult vilify him, but he's just a normal guy who thinks people should be hired for the value and skill they bring to the company, not because of their race or their sex.  Anyone could agree with him if they spend just one minute without their head… Read more »

And so many whites still try to avoid being racist. Here's a redpill. Every other race is racist, so how about you start looking out for the interests of white people and fast before it's too late.


I am not white but I am fed up with this SJW b.s directed against white people. Today it'll be against white people, tomorrow it could be against anyone.. Going back to pre-civil war days..

Roger Riverson

Affirmative action is fighting alleged racism with actual racism

Stargate 5D

Hero. Google, stop destroying our beautifoul Europe with your sick mentality! This guy stands up for his principles, a true hero.

Cory J

Google gonna get fucked.

He wrote, on a Google platform.

Stargate 5D

Remember : A cage in golden remains a cage. Google is the golden cage with colored rooms.

Tomasina Covell

Those aren't "white men" they are fascists, they are right-wing, neo-nazi, Hitler worshiping activists!

Look this idiot dink up, this will prove you misinformed:

Stargate 5D

If male and woman are biological the same.. can anyone tell me why they do their "sex and drugs parties with womens"?


Leave my friend, Larry "The Showboat" Page — the darling brother of FBI Lisa Page who exchanged honey texts with Peter Strzok, alone!

He has been suffering enough from being a… #fellowsnowflake! 😉

Super Dave

Kid, you didn't fall in line and become a good little robot.

Benito Cognito

What a bitter sweet symphony…


Good job Google!



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