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Dr. Sebastian Gorka on how Trump should handle North Korea

Dr. Sebastian Gorka on how Trump should handle North Korea

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Dr. Sebastian Gorka on how Trump should handle North Korea

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23 Comments on "Dr. Sebastian Gorka on how Trump should handle North Korea"

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William Saltzmann

I say take out Kim and his people. His people will fight us with or without him. It's all or none burn it all.

laura begay

He doesnt have a doctorate but demands to be addressed as 'doctor.' fox complies

Daniel Bishop

Why do we not shoot these rockets down?

DeMeaning Plebny

But, is this going to be handled?

Craig Butler
Hannity, chief apologist for the most disliked person in the world. Fox news obviously has a leaning toward the far right now . Gorka, really ?To have him on as a so called 'expert' leaves me breathless. He's a Nazi lover and a disgrace to the USA. He's also a fake University 'so called 'Degree holder' from some half baked School in eastern Europe.  Fox News is obviously leaning heavily toward the Nazi way of thinking now. Nazism for the stupid, the people who might buy the products they promote  and listen to the shit that people like Hannity keeps whining about.Fox News. News for… Read more »
Jon Robert


GamerGirl 1
if this does escalate, then why is hannity talking about america taking out north korea's "SITES"??? If north korea is going to aim for civilians, then so should america. Obviously taking out their attack capabilities would be the priority, but why use X missiles to take out X targets, when you can just use 1 to take them all out? Ya, civilians will be killed, but like i said, why should america be cautious about where they strike, when north korea doesnt give a shit about where they strike. i would feel bad for the civilians in North Korea, dont… Read more »

Gorka is a fucking moron. What is he even talking about? Any provocative action by the US and S. Korea gets millions of people killed overnight. Millions of people. You might think he would factor that into the equation at some point.

Corey Cucked

ahahaha, weak and still weak, no wonder north korean men are skulled fcking american girls.


We should call Kim the fat rocketman lord of nukes and even if America won against North Korea there is going to be either lots of casualties and/or lots of refugees trying to flee Asia

rollit up

North Korea fires a missile.president chump fires a tweet.How pathetic.

Carl G

I guess the u.s. is waiting for North Korea to just drop one on them before they actually Act



rollit up

Is north Korea great at making trump look stupid or what?

Tom Olofsson

Gorka is worth listening to.

Jeff Hakes

All military forces test their weapons capabilities for readiness and advance their weaponry. We do the same thing. Where are the courageous and fearless ambassadors? Come on Fox, get your head in the game and start living up to the expectation. You can start by spotlighting the peacemakers and level headed leaders.

Ashali Varma

If there is a combination of strikes- it can be done. Disable the military software by cyber attack, along with taking out the nuclear and missile capability and also blow out all power stations and their national grid.

Dr Yogi

Donald and Kim need to meet. Seriously guys, you both need to meet. Please just meet and talk it out. Please!!


Wow the trolls are out tonight!

Long Tall Texan

Trump the nasty turd that's not worth the water needed to flush him down the sewer….sure needs to be flushed quick. What a stinking mess this turd who would be president has shit upon us all. Turds don't come with strategy or well thought out plans to fix anything….they just shit where they are and let others clean up the mess. Trump has no clue to fix or combat North Korea. A tweet won't work here…

Spore Hux

"Fox News National Security Strategist" , even if you make it an acronym it's still easier to say Douche Bag.

Robert Hudson

Rupert Murdoch should be given the privilege of riding the first bomb they drop on North Korea. Rupert Should be the first American to die in the war with NK. Jerry Whore can go next.


The United States, however, does not dare to attack North Korea



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