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DML Walk & Talk Aug 16

DML Walk & Talk Aug 16

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DML Walk & Talk Aug 16

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Lisa Eric Davisson

I didn't even of that. Oh I could see that coming. I bet your right…

Karen Hudnall

Ha ha ha..I love the story about the councils….TRUTH!!!

Be yourself
donna algier

They were not getting it wrong,they were lying to us as they are now and the sheep believe them

donna algier

If rather see Rushmore come down as O was, is and always will be a fraud

donna algier

Why, because Trump interrupted the progressive agenda


Great to see you back.  Looking good and see you are feeling better. Missed you

claudia smith

Yes. Please Share.

Vicky O'Dell

I remember this so well! So right again DML



Kolleen Powers

It's painfully clear to me that our unelected deep state is going to remove President Trump from office by any means necessary, and they do have the means. My biggest worry is, what do we do when that happens?

Steven Rantanen

Unfortunately, enough of the "everybody else" people gave us Obama for 8 long years. I hope they are smarter now than they were back then.

Joshua Bahling

as far as mount rushmore the left has been trying before but all the stupid crap is way nuts

Al Writer

Elites, Dems rhinos msm, are so desperate. It's almost funny to watch. President Trump outsmarted all of them. He's like five moves ahead of those who want to take him down. Get real deep state if you're worth $11 billion, he's smarter than you.
President Trump is playing all of them, he's trolled all elites and deep state and just keeps winning

Teresa Pridham

People who get paid that's who go to these things. It's all a George Soros/Clinton NWO set up to destroy American !

Dee Smith

Of course Glenn beck says it is over for trump he is being held hostage by that nasty,evil Steve Bannon what an asshat beck has become drama queen always preaching. I remember you going on Meghan Kelly and said you were thinking about running for president you would have made it hard on me Trump or Lynch

Dee Smith

Besides Walmart what about Campbell soup it is made in Mexico does not come close to it's taste,they kept the corp office in Camden n.j that's it ..the latest from Michelle Malkin they want to take our Frank Rizzo statue down in philly , next it will be Rocky since he also backed Our President. Frank Rizzo was our Mayor Guillana he was philly's police commish for yrs enemy of the radical Move group and Abu Jamal the cop killer of Danny Falkner

Angie Horton

If the CIA tries to assassinate my president ….Charlottesville will look like a carnival!!!! I'm afraid it's coming!! Great point! Why the emergency now? Those statues have been around for YEARS! GEORGE SOROS PUPPETS! I would NEVER be a puppet for these elite criminals! Wake up AMERICA!


I disagree about mount rushmore. If we add obama's face up there, the left will just remove all the other faces up there except obama's face.

Terri Nickola

Im watching WnT day later bcuz i can never find or get it FB LIVE. Does that happen to everyone else too? Or what am i doing wrong? I have the DML app, i recv notifications/texts so whats wrong?

Kim Sumner

I cant get your Walk and Talks on the App..I just have the spinning wheel of Death… LOL Are you having issues with the App?



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