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DML solve immigration in 30 days

DML solve immigration in 30 days

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DML solve immigration in 30 days

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Tom McDaniel

Excellent plan and it would definitely solve the problem extremely quickly

Marvin McKinney

It will shut down illegals literally overnight. You hit the nail on the head.



Sarah Lohmann

You go DML!! You're absolutely right!!

Lois H.

Dennis, YouTube is sending the notification but it's a dead link. Was this video supposed to be just shy of two minutes?

Southern Ideas


Maria Schicklgruber

Once the employers STOP hiring illegal aliens they will self deport …..Mandatory E-Verify, Work site enforcement, long term imprisonment, hugh fines & RICO Asset forfeiture for the employers that profit from the backs of illegal alien workers …. 10-15 years prison terms and 100k fine for each illegal alien worker employers are caught with hiring …. Even the rich people's house maids, cooks and landscapers …every single employer. and in 10 or 15 years we can reassess the situation

Robb's Homemade Life
How will your plan work? California citizens passed a resolution removing jobs and benefits to illegals, it was Proposition 187 passed in 1994. After it passed an activist judge claimed it unconstitutional. In 1995 democrat Congresswoman Barbara Jordan led the bipartisan congressional Commission on Immigration which concluded immigration hurt working Americans and called for less legal immigration and an end to illegal immigration. They came up with a dozen common-sense solutions, starting with a National ID card to only be used twice in a persons life when they were applying for a job or government benefits. It would have ended… Read more »
Maria Trejo

Love your idea! Let's make it true AMERICANS.

Rumple Mosbey lll

Well then run for president… Enough with the talky talk… Let’s start doing. I know you got all these ideas and plans… Well, let’s make it happen.


I agree that if illegals can't get jobs here any longer, and they can't get any form of welfare benefits, most of the ones that are here will leave the country on their own(except the ones making a living off criminal activity such as drug dealing or robbing people) and few will bother coming. I think we also need to get these two bills passed



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