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Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck in Conversation! (6/30/17)

Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck in Conversation! (6/30/17)

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Dennis Prager and Glenn Beck in Conversation! (6/30/17)

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Bible Made Simple— YouTube
Bible Made Simple— YouTube

To think that there is a "seed" of righteousness in everyone is to make a grave error in my opinion (Glenn Beck). It keeps the truly righteous from confronting evil because they are always hoping that those who are evil will come around. I much prefer and believe Dennis Prager's position that there is true evil in the world and that those who love God must HATE evil and fight against it. It is the only way that our country and this world can ever get back on the right track.

Chris Clark

Prager hit it, not only out of the park, he hit it out of the damn state when he said "we are evil in their eyes!" THAT is why the politics of today are so divisive. The Left refuses to even debate us, because we are (insert negative adjective here.)

TC Carr

Psalm 129:21&22
21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate Thee? And do not I strive with those that rise up against Thee?
21 הֲלֽוֹא־ מְשַׂנְאֶ֖יךָ יְהוָ֥ה ׀ אֶשְׂנָ֑א וּ֝בִתְקוֹמְמֶ֗יךָ אֶתְקוֹטָֽט׃
22 I hate them with utmost hatred; I count them mine enemies.
22 תַּכְלִ֣ית שִׂנְאָ֣ה שְׂנֵאתִ֑ים לְ֝אוֹיְבִ֗ים הָ֣יוּ לִֽי׃

Salty Diarrhea

Is this where the Cucks hang out?



You will become what you hate.

Marie dennison

I respect Glenn Beck and Dennis Prager!

Jason Meade

Thank you, Dennis, for bringing us such a lively conversation illustrating two differing veins of modern conservatism. I very much enjoyed hearing Glenn Beck express his opinions as they differ from yours. I think this sheds a lot of light on the 'Never Trump' conservatives, and is a reminder that good people can differ and remain good.

Drippy Flora

He wont agree with the word 'hate' because he's a Jew lover.


All the negative comments about Beck are living proof of exactly what he's saying. He preaches caution – and love and understanding among everyone, but especially among conservatives.

I don't think any of those reflexively shutting down Beck haven't taken the time to listen to what he actually says here.

Holy Roman Empire


Danny Caplan
I think Dennis Prager must have walked away from that chat thinking that Glenn Beck is not a clear thinker. "Those who love God must hate evil." If you don't love God, then it doesn't apply, but if you do love God, you must hate evil. I don't know why Beck had a hard time agreeing with such a basic formula. I read an article in which ISIS had kidnapped a Yazidi family, a husband and wife and daughter. They raped the daughter to death. They starved the mother for days. Then they cooked to corpse of her daughter and… Read more »
Matt Olfson

Good fire-side chat! A good back-and-forth dialogue there. I always liked Glenn Beck. Sure, he can be a bit of a nut at times, his heart is always in the right place. His hands-on refugee work was beyond commendable!


The audio is so soft. Very difficult to hear even with ear piece.

Frank Dy

Glen, the left is a homogeneous groupthink mass where as there is far more diversity of ideas anywhere right of left. By demolishing the left is the removal of extremism.

Jerry Lingle

America needs more thinkers like Glenn Beck and Dennis -they are patriots who have made a difference !!


love the sinner hate the sin


"Hate and fear cloud your mind." Thanks, Obi-Glenn Kenobi…. I'll go right on hating evil.


I like both of these men, but Beck's insistence on equating the left and the right as if they are equally at fault for the issues in society today really turns me off. There is only one side violently attacking speakers, shutting down highways, and trying to murder politicians.

b tom

Dennis needs a haircut. Hes looking kind of hippyish.

Mark A

Hey Glenn, do you still think Trump is a fascist? Lmao…what a historical illiterate, who peddles fake history like The Fourth Turning.

Nick Gagnon

Two crazies. One room.

Sam T

Something is wrong with this Glenn beck guy..

Rick Johnson

Prager > Glen Beck

Glen Beck is outdated, irrational, and irrelevant

Dennis Prager is rational, wise, and speaks with clarity and wisdom


I would appreciate Glen Beck's message more if he weren't a Mormon. I can't even begin to fathom the amount of cognitive dissonance it takes to simultaneously believe that good religion is rooted in reason and that 300 BC Arabs took a boat to north america and colonized the south.

Rick Jones

Glenn Beck is a cry baby. I went and watched him at a live show, listened to him every day, now I can't stand the man. He starts balling tears like a woman and expects people to cave to his point of view just like a woman. I can't stand the guy anymore.


really wish you guys could get your audio quality issues sorted out…

Beck's reaction at 20:35 when he says Trump "has Governed as the best conservative since Reagan." Priceless. You can look at a lot of great Presidents and pick out the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to policy and decisions. What made Reagan, Reagan was what he instilled in America, his million dollar smile, his witty humor, etc, Despite all the things the country was going through. Same thing with JFK, guy is the most overrated president in history, with foreign policy blunders that would have never happened under the more experienced Eisenhower. Yet there was an… Read more »
Mark Ganus

the problem with atheism is that it's only a short jump from relativism and nihilism. from there, all the other maladies ensue in an avalanche effect: patriarchy blaming, gender equality, white guilt, loss of nationalism and, ultimately, the subscription to the dreaded religion of Social Justice.


Could the Russian investigation be defined as a general warrant?

Tom Arico

I never got on the Glen Beck Band wagon. I never saw him in the league of the great conservatives like Prager, Larry Elder, Lars Larson, or Mark Levin. Beck comes across as a self-righteous sensationalist.

Itamar Greenberg

Anti-Trumpers need to admit they were wrong, and they should say Dennis was right.
Everything Dennis said before the election turned out to be true. Trump is way better than any democrat.

NahBish Nah

during 2016 Beck showed that he's an douche.


I would give everything to have a friendly discussion with Dennis , sadly in my country you can't discuss politics or country's current state without our dictator's supporters calling you out for treason ffs

David Holden

i made it all of 7 minutes into this and i'm turning it off because the brown-nosing contest about how much you respect each other is starting to get gay. which is ironic coming from dennis prager and glenn beck


Glenn Beck has lost all credibility with me , he's two faced .


Glenn needs to get out of the cult of Mormonism.


I liked GB until he went totally anti Trump. DP is right regarding the matter.


glenn beck is a lying scammer everything he does and says is only to put money in his pocket. juat because he pretends to agree with you doesnt mean hes on your side.

Suse Hendricks

I wish you would have kept talking. I enjoyed it tremendously! Thanks!!! All those hateful comments below is almost a proof that they didn't listen to a single word you said.

Rashad Atchan

the manspreading is epic in this one



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