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Comedian: In defense of Kathy Griffin and her rights

Comedian: In defense of Kathy Griffin and her rights

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Comedian: In defense of Kathy Griffin and her rights

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25 Comments on "Comedian: In defense of Kathy Griffin and her rights"

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flora quint
The hypocrisy with conservatives makes me laugh, and you guys want to call everyone else sensitive little snowflakes yet here you are going on and on about a comedian, emphasis on comedian…I don't agree with her joke but conservatives have no room to get on a high horse here, you are only offended because its a republican, you guys have repeatedly defended others for making offensive, violent and down right disrespectful gestures by citing freedom of speech and because that group didn't pertain to you you didn't care. I'm almost glad she did it because it really highlighted the double… Read more »

0:57 "Now they're just playing to the biases and the vanities of their audience."
Tucker to himself: "And that's my job."


now I get what the "D-List" is that she is on….its their "Dumb list"

d star

send jihad guy back to bombay

Linda Crouch

I'm  all for Freedom of Speech which has been taken from us too much.  BUT  there is a line and Kathy Griffin crossed that line  BIG  TIME.  She's not even funny.  I NEVER liked her.

Frank Santariga

Tucker you need to keep these idiots off your program.

Mike Ellis
We had high hopes for Fox when they moved Tucker into the prime time slot left empty when they ran O'Reilly off so I set the DVR to record. My wife and I like Tucker a lot but lately we find ourselves fast forwarding through interviews like this one that we just don't find worth watching. Sure, Tucker gets to show us how clever he is in his ability to corner these fools into revealing their bias and unsubstantiated views but keep it to one a show will you? I skipped damn near the entire show the other night when there were 3 of them –… Read more »
Mom's World
Kathy Griffin absolutely has the right to express herself freely within the confines of the law. She did that. She had every right to do it. Good for her. However, just because the majority of the public didn't respond in the way she may have hoped does not mean that she is the victim. It does not mean her employer/s don't have the right to fire her if they feel her conduct violates their terms as far as she representing them as an employee. Just because she has the right to artistically speak out and express herself…does not mean that… Read more »
Fred Molina

I thought it was funny 👍🏽

James  Hayes

Trump's son was traumatized by the pic. Is that funny?

Matt Foley

Sorry, I just can't work up any outrage over a sight gag involving a fake head, esp. when no harm was intended or done. Now, let's talk about the actual environmental harm done when Trump decapitates the EPA.

Steph E
Kathy knew what she was doing. Kathy is not the victim, but the culprit. Kathy promoted hate and violence against the President of the United States of America whoever the President is! The first Amendment is speech not about violence. If any other comedian would have held a bloody head of President Obama or possibly Hillary Clinton who could have been President, those comedians would be arrested and possibly put in jail for what they did. So why should Kathy Griffin be treated differently?! Because she is a Liberal Democrat! That's why. This video made by Kathy Griffin, could influence… Read more »

In all fairness Nugent was wrong to do what he did too.


Kathy Griffin is a moron and needs to be slapped repeatedly in the face with a flip flop


OMG this comedian really an idiot.

Mitchell Stannard

hypocrisy always irritates me. what tucker carlson, sean hannity, greg cutfeld are to the right is the same what samantha bee, bill maher, trevor noah is to the left.

Kenneth Jerome
Is there anyone out there who honestly believes that Barron was idly watching TV news, which regurlarly take his father to task instead of calling his friends and playing with his video games! Congratulations to the White House aid who came up with the brilliant idea to "bring the kid into the picture". How did Barron respond to the video tape of his father talking about grabbing a women's genitals? Kathy's joke was just a joke that didn't make it. That's all. I just feel saddened that this might cause a rift in her and Anderson's friendship.
Monk Amani
Carlson the comedian's critic. Free speech has a price. Never knew Kathy pooped for Sqautty potty. Heard she lost a sunglass endorsement as well.Poor thing, she doesn't know whether to shit or go blind. She received desired attention. Just like the POTUS, she wanted eyes and ears. Stand-up wasn't getting them, so she stepped it up. Remember when DJ did his WWE stint? Battle of the Billionaires. (not to mention all the other Buffalo Chips he slung at us )Probably not, only got those WWE eyes and ears. No one else paid attention. America slept. He stepped his game up… Read more »
Mark Stonham

wow Fox News saying everything is scripted to the political side they support. Glass houses!

Sam Andrekus

>Complains about preaching
>Literally has a career preaching to the choir

Illya Kuryakin

All these mean white old men who are set to destroy poor Kathy! Sad!

Sora Blue

Ben was trying so hard to make this a good debate about rights. Tucker wanted to talk about…art I guess? This just showed how idiotic Tucker is.

Jobama Sanchez

I think she's funny.

German Lara

"they are playing to the biases and vanities of their audience" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! how did tucker didn't choke on that one, that is exactly what he does with his audience.

Stevie Wonderful

trump doesnt believe in political correctness then why should griffin???



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