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Circa News on possible surveillance conducted under Obama

Circa News on possible surveillance conducted under Obama

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Circa News on possible surveillance conducted under Obama

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15 Comments on "Circa News on possible surveillance conducted under Obama"

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mark fonti

eye spy with my little eye. …

leon singleton

Obama was nasty.

silas acha

Haha these guys again with their conspiracies? Fake news.


Please continue this investigation and don't let it get swept under a rug!

Sheilah Wilks

Clapper lied to Congress before and he isnt even in the NSA.Isnt President Trump their boss?

Dress To Impress Thrift Debra Hargrove
Dress To Impress Thrift Debra Hargrove
The people of this nation is under attack by the largest most dangerous Satanic Terrorist Organization in the world called the Zionist Luciferian New World Order. George Soros and Zionist Luciferian Rothschild are a few of their Leaders. Their goal is to murder 7.3 billion people. The Zionist Luciferians are at War against the United States. George Soros and many other billionaires are funding Muslim refugee invasion of U.S. to drive down worker wages and inspire domestic terror attacks. The Zionist Luciferian have their own secret Government along with a North Carolina Rogue CIA-NSA SUPER HIGH TECH Voyeuristic Zionist Luciferian… Read more »
Jimmy Mullen

They were relying on Hillary winning and the subsequent cover-up….. ooops!

Dave S

End the NSA and half a dozen other alphabet agencys. Audit the federal reserve while we're at it.

dean counts

I bet when this is all done we will find they spied on every prominent Republican running for President as well as key Democratic opponents of Hillary like Sanders and Webb (remember the media hatchet job on the conservative dem senator Webb?)


So sad their is no justice for bankers and politicians…organized crime at the taxpayers expense!

Julie King

I love how she always looks like she's so excited about what she's about to report that she's about to explode. Lol


Mainstream media is just ignoring all this..keep investigating and reporting until the Alternativa Media runs with it…nobody can stop it then…

Atreyu Tower

I hate trumps and his fucking lying fucking mouth. He was warned about Flynn and he still kept him on because he knew exactly what he was doing. Traitorous piece of shit!


Hey Trumpets! Remember Michael Flynn? You know? The guy who chanted "LOCK HER UP"? Yeeeeahh, lol.

Godzilla Megatron

can nsa tell my Netflix password ? I forgot it😞



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