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Brit Hume: Trump crosses gun owners at his peril

Brit Hume: Trump crosses gun owners at his peril

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Brit Hume: Trump crosses gun owners at his peril

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48 Comments on "Brit Hume: Trump crosses gun owners at his peril"

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Birgitt Fastwalker

Padock was maybe a " patsy" set up and killed , and some other people did the killings, because the 'left' wants to take our guns away !

JohnnyC Major

Fake .. blanks no one was killed this is all bullshit.

Joel Spring

Trump's not going to do anything with guns unless he wants to lose his base and he's not that stupid. As Trump is the President gun owners have nothing to fear.

Peter Spiderman
Go after those who pull the trigger. Go after those who are related or in collusion with terrorists.Go after those who hv extremist ideology = jihadist.If a jihadist use a truck to do mass killing, are you going to ban trucks? Extreme vetting n ban refugees from coming in is the solution. ISIS already made the claim for the attacked… Gun is the culprit or the evil ideology n the satanic cult that promote killing of infidels ….Islamaphobic is good for your safety. Each and everyone of them is a time bomb. You don't know when they will snap n… Read more »
Barbara waters

You are 100% right Trump would cross his base to his own peril. This has nothing g to do with gun ownership. This is about chip, chip, chipping away at our constitutional rights. Americans must stand up to this gun grabbing narrative.

Sarah Britton
Here's the thing. Laws are important. Background check is important. I believe in saying sanity can have guns, limit what we can to potential killers. But. Where there's a will there's a way. Anyone can find HOW to pass that stuff to get what they want to do what they want. Let's look at why they do. In the end it's not about law. It's about the people why did they do it? You make it harder to get what one wants? How do I meet those requirements to get what I want? Hhhmmmm I play your game! It's not… Read more »
Flaky 96

America likes guns let them have it and kill themselves. Some countries are def loving this, I mean they do not even need to attack US to have ppl down


The most boring reporter, analyst, whatever he says, man on planet Earth. I can't remember ONE word he mumbled in this segment.

Alpha1 Omega2
Attention news media and politicians:There is only so much one can do in creating gun laws to protect the general public.There already no such thing as "right to bear arms" as you can't go into any store to purchase any firearm you desire without having to apply for it and get approved. Same as getting a driver's license. They are both a privilege. Gun laws are not to take away a gun owners gun. The laws are in attempt to protect the rest of the general public that don't have firearms to protect themselves. You can add a law enforcing… Read more »
The Deadsky

Las Vegas was staged, deep state are murderers.


Hitler sold gun confiscation prior to the NAZI take over. This was a false flag in which innocent Americans keep getting killed for the deep state’s agenda.

Enuf Al Ready
The world's greatest democracy has been outfoxed. Obama was brought up by generations of haters of America to hate America and everything good America stood for. And Obama/Soros did much more than what is painfully obvious to bring democracy to its knees. Obama has moxie. Just as it takes generations to clear land mines, it will take generations to put America right again. Oh Wait, the next generation of democrats (Antifa) are seeds of suicide whose fruit is to extinguish the very democracy they were led to believe they were saving. Education and media long ago infiltrated and taken over… Read more »

"common ground"…LOL What "Law" could be made that is not already on the books that would prevent what happened?


Everyone owns guns. lots of them.


more restrictions. ….more regulations. ….less freedoms…. welcome to 1984.

Eileen Benson

Lets concentrate on hiw the liberal communists set this up, set up Sandy Hook and many other shootings, murdered hundreds of people only to take our gun rights away.
Why do we care si much about what the brain damaged zombie think?

JR Hal

Brit Hume is the best newsman of all time. Tucker a very close second. Smart!


LOL he's coming for your guns, you can count on it.

Thomas McEwen

The police took 72 minutes while people were turned into hamburger. I can't imagine a Marine squad staging for 72 minutes while Marines are being hammered 32 floors below. What was SWAT getting approved from lawyers minute by minute.

Randy Rhoads

Hmmm! I didn’t realize that when the retarded Supreme Court makes a verdict it’s the Law of the Land. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is already the Law of the Land in fact The Constitution and Bill of Rights was and is never ever meant to be challenged in a court for it’s above the courts. We have an amendment process but wait there’s more,,, now go now and stop wasting your time on the Fixxed News Network and educate yourselves

Shawn Begley

I Told You !!!,,,,😎🎩👑

Shawn Begley

Trump's a b**


His 2 sons are avid gun supporters. All people need to do is constantly tell Trump that he should not bend the knee to the gun haters.

mark webster

This shooting is the best example for the need to be armed by law abiding citizens, There are examples where someone with a ccw put down a mass murder who opened fire on innocent bystanders!!!

El Mostrito

Trump should ban guns for democrats and Hollywood elites.

Xenos Xanthippe

yes, disarm the US !

Robert Kempton

it would stupid for trump to outlaw anything .it only stops the good guys. period !

Michael Funkerton

The 2nd Amendment was written long before automatic rifles and effective non-lethal weapons. In some regards, it is very obsolete.

catbgood 53

Those people are average law abiding citizens of America, you know Americans. Not liberal communist but Conservative USA . No America does not need more gun laws. Criminals will get guns in spite of laws, they can get them outside of America and bring them in through our borderless Nation.

Hayabusa Dragon


John Grytbakk

If he does, he is stupid.


A bump stock like the one or two used in Las Vegas just allows you to shoot faster but is less accurate than firing fast without it, the shooter was able to kill and maim so many because of his vantage point over such a large dense crowd. He just couldn't miss shooting into that mass of people.

William Matthews

President Trump. Remember the words of Nancy Reagan when it comes to more restrictive gun control laws and legislation. "Just say no."

Asiantinos Striker Fire
Asiantinos Striker Fire

Why they didn't talk about toughest gun control in Chicago ? It thousand of lives due to the most tougher gun control ? It runs by liberal demoncrap that why !

Greg ####

Ahhhh , the Polls. Same bullshit,

larry phelps

what about jet aircraft, motor vehicles, and in memory of Mr Kiminski, …the mail…?

D Champers

Why is this horses ass on fox?? Look up any Brit Hume piece from the last 18 months. Thats what it sounds like to talk with a mouth full of shit. You stuttering prick.

Stivan Medicov

Just imagine. I mean really just try to even fathem. Try hard to think just how incredibly dispared,…. broken,….chaotic,…..overwhelmed,…..and completely FUCKED this country, these people, WE would truly be right now if fucking HILLARY got in to office!!!! See! That PROVES there's a god!


Cuckney Britney: Gutless CuckTrump crossed his eyes when Putin came gallons down his eager throat

Judy Morgan

have you all forgotten about Fast and Furious??? Our law enforcement or killed by guns that Hillary and Obama sold to foreign States.

Silver Schooner

This assault was committed against a 'Gun Free Kill Zone' which 'Government Unconstitutional Meddling' in The Right to Bears Arms Created Defenselessness. This has been the work of the Democratic Party for MANY Decades, just Look at Chicago and other Democratic Party Strongholds. Interfering in a Citizens Right to Self Defense Creates Targets of Opportunity for Malfactors, and makes it easier for Despotic Government to Dominate.

Johnny Owusu

Noooo for fuck sake no one is disarming you fuck wits. Ordinary citizens do not need that type of arsenal wtf.

Ikick Puppies

Not even worried, this is more just fear mongering. Trump wouldn't even try.

Marvin Minney

No, 45 isn't committed to gun owners, he's owned by the NRA! That's what he meant to say….

Paul Daluz

The criminals will always get s hold of guns no matter how restrictive we become on them.

Ezilla 45

Shall not be Infringed

Ms. Heather H

Yeah let's make an horrific event into a political movement…
In many other countries citizens are killed by the government because they CANT defend themselves..

It's all about taken away our guns so the criminals can kill us without us being armed.. Globalist Agenda, Agenda 21/31.

Other countries citizens are murdered by other devices.. So sick of hearing it's "guns" fault yet you can kill a person without a gun..

Don't make a tragic event into an agenda..I feel for the families.. Prayers with you all the way.

Democrats should be ashamed..

Ryan Williams

Good report. It's true that people can't seem to debate each other on the same level these days



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