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Ben Shapiro: Toughen Up Spoiled Children

Ben Shapiro: Toughen Up Spoiled Children

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Ben Shapiro: Toughen Up Spoiled Children


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27 Comments on "Ben Shapiro: Toughen Up Spoiled Children"

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'What men considered sacred and important was not the spring morning, not the beauty of God's world given for the enjoyment of all creatures, not the beauty which inclines the heart to peace and love and concord. What men considered sacred and important were their own devices for wielding power over their fellow men.' — Leo Tolstoy, Resurrection 'The ideal of Morality has no more dangerous rival than the ideal of highest Strength, of most powerful life… It is the maximum of the savage; and has, in these times, gained, precisely among the greatest weaklings, very many proselytes. By this… Read more »

@ 1:28:42 LOL

alison schombs

if ur insulted get over it


Not many people know about Modus Tollens.

Ecphantus the Pythagorean
Ecphantus the Pythagorean
@1:44:22 Not quite true. Trump recently fired former Acting United States Attorney General Sally Yates, so his executive training and experience, which included firing people, is an important skill that has apparently served him well in his role as POTUS. Presidents before Trump have fired subordinates who had government contracts. And I do not agree with Mr. Shapiro that having values trumps experience. (Hee hee!) Seriously, some of our best presidents were generals, for example, who had vast knowledge and experience regarding organization/logistics, disaster mitigation, commanding lots of people, administration, et al. I remember when a Marxist philosophy professor freaked… Read more »
Jay Nelson

spot on with the trump talk

M Lopez

the big hole in the idea that "white privilege" that opresses "people of color", white is a color. so everyone is a person of color

Myanameis Beestingz

You are wrong about global warming Ben. Time for a retraction.


Agree with pretty much everything except George Zimmerman

kevin vincent

Some of your college students would die if they could see into their future. I'm working class, but in the late 70's I ran with a group of people who were doing the university thing. Thirty five years later I go to a 60th birthday party for someone my wife knew, they were all middle-class people who knew each other from university. My wife asked me what I thought, I replied that it was really sad, here were these people who were once going to save the world and do great things living sad lives of mediocrity.


As a white man who fluctuates between two looks, full beard with bandana and fully clean shaven, I get stopped/ questioned only when I look like a biker…. maybe its… no it could not be…..

The Android Next Door
The Android Next Door

If I could only go back in time and tell Ben who the 45th president of the United States actually ended up being.

Shivam Patel

59:00 We did both!

Amber Dean

2020 vision for President Shapiro

Renee Brown

Ben Shapiro is superb and needed! He is helping to open the eyes of those who want to see the truth and this will hopefully save or society from crashing into a mushy useless civilization.

Ash Deq

I would love to have someone like him talk about the abomination of a government we have here in Canada. I am so sick of how the Liberals have ruined my country. I am so sick of having to watch every step I make and every word I speak. And it would be nice if someone would put our snowflake of a PM to shame!

Josh Long

SWJs created Trump

Nevada Mareno
Tha Boi

Damn, if he wasn't married I would have snatched him up a while ago, even if he's Jewish and probably wouldn't marry me bc I'm not. I would change my damn religion lmao.

Kale Serpent

I blame Zimmerman, though. The recorded call sounds like Zimmerman was instigating by following Martin.

Peter Z

I agree with a lot of what Ben is saying, he makes great points, the only things I disagree with is the death penalty for rapists ?, no way, of course convicted rapists should serve jail time but the death penalty is to much.


I love Ben Shapiro's beautiful brain.

Magus Mxviil

How sad is it that this event was/is necessary? A small amount of healthy scepticism and common sense would have gone a long way to avoid this situation, but you guys deserve a lot of respect for having the courage to put yourselves out there given the current climate. Thank you.

Eliot K.

"You have to be highly educated to be that stupid" 😂


Anyone else confused how a blind girl knows when her dog poos and then knows where it is on the ground to be able to pick it up?

John Navrkal

Millenial Jew here. Ben Shapiro simply states the truth. Come on sjws, time to move on to a new fad.


Thanks for posting this, looks like the event was amazing, one of the few I have seen that wasn't disrupted by infants screaming 😀



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