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Atheists shut down Bible school for first, second graders

Atheists shut down Bible school for first, second graders

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Atheists shut down Bible school for first, second graders

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40 Comments on "Atheists shut down Bible school for first, second graders"

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Dizzy Dex

Please allow me to be frank , open and honest here but that wee baldy fella has the look, smirk and general stench of a demon disguised as a sub human being. Well sure…. Like the rest he will get his in the end. Enjoy strange little sub human demon thing.


Great job, Dan!

Tucker needs to learn that The First Amendment does NOT say "a religion," "a national religion," "one sect or society," or "any particular denomination of religion."

Even the SCOTUS has confirmed that it is religion generically that may not be established (which, in today's lexicon means that [any] religion may not be endorsed or promoted in any way by the US Government or its representatives).

FFRF [.org] is one of the most needed organizations in the religiously saturated US of today, keeping us away from becoming just another of the world's many theocracies. Join NOW!



CM 84

Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God's: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it.
Deuteronomy 1:17 KJV

Larry Morris



"I read the letter and you're wrong." Funny–the school district seems to think he was right. (So does SCOTUS.)

Mike Ciaffi

It's impossible to reason with the religious. Belief is a powerful drug.


What a piece of shit, I think separation of church & state is vitally important too but shutting down an off-hours bible club for 1st graders is pathetic.


Fox News playbook:
1. If anyone makes a valid point, mock them and call them bullies.
2. If they persist, make a counterpoint that does not align with the discussion.
3. If all else fails, interrupt the guest. You wouldn't want our viewers to get any valid information.


Didn't know feminism is a religion. Also, atheism isn't a religion.

Dennis Middlebrooks

The FFRF goes after any violations of separation of church and state. They have litigated or threatened litigation against Orthodox Jews and Muslims, as well as Christians.


As an atheist for the most part myself, this is an embarrassment. This bully twat is just pushing an agenda on others. Totally wrong!!


If they happened to be Scientologist teachers instead of Christian teachers, Fox News would TOTALLY be behind using the Constitution to shut it down.

And if any Scientologist suggested they were bullies for doing it, they'd be fucking CLUELESS how a Scientologist could think that.

Red Dundee

Good. Indoctrination destroys minds.

Conservative Lantern

"Force?" As in the kids are tied up in their chairs and can't leave? What the heck do you people mean by this kind of hyperbolic language? As if kids aren't forced to learn their times tables or go to reading class. A completely dishonest use of language. How about we turn the tables and use this kind of language, "Children are tortured into accepting atheism." "Atheists brainwash 7 year olds with propaganda." or "Brow beating atheism into children is a form of mental cruelty."

Gee Ling

Wow. That's the first time I've seen Tucker get his head handed to him.

Political Fatigue
I think Tucker is wrong on this one, and he makes the other guy's point for him when he asks 'how is it different?' It's not. That is the very principle in question here. If the group was run on school grounds it is by definition using government resources, and if it is led by representatives of the school that implies government endorsement, and that is prohibited by the constitution. Tucker harps on 'it was off hours!' but the kids who would be influenced won't make that distinction. Tucker is just upset because it offends his personal religion (and that… Read more »
kirk orr

I am curious to know how this atheist group has any legal standing. I was under the impression that you had to be personally impacted by something in order for you to file a laws suit.


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;
End of fucking discussion, eat shit CUCKER.

Roger Percival

These freaks need to go to the Middle East. God is what America is about

Chrissy Myers

this guy, and people like him make me sick!


Thank God this group was shut down. While we're at it we should start collecting taxes from the free loading churches and other religious groups.

Lord ViRuX

fukin ateistss tryina give our lord de midle fingr


Show me a Christian school teacher who wants to put the bible in a public school classroom and also wants to put a koran in a public school classroom, and Ill show you someone that doesnt exist

Butch Cassidy

Why do Atheists never go after Islam or Judaism?


The biggest threat in this country is religion.


That SOB Atheist should be kicked out
of the USA. This is just another case where the minority in a
majority rule country has the supreme power. You left out the
freedom to assembly which is in the 1st Amendment.


Tucker got fucking destroyed by superior reasoning in this

Ashton Vicci

Well brainwashing kids with bible stories is wrong

The Red Robot

First, I think it's hilarious Fox News has a Youtube channel. Second, this Tucker guy looks (and thinks) like he's not yet graduated from high school. Third, Christianity turns good people into bad people – It's as simple as that, folks. Fourth, thanks to that Atheist those kids are free from radical christianity.

Fatal Rift Gaming

I dont know if I should thumbs up the video to show I agree with Tucker or give it a thumbs down to show I hate that asshole.

Jason Harris
+Chris..That is not true and you know it. Atheism is NOT a religion. Atheists are freethinking individuals like anyone else who "lack" a belief in a god or gods, a deity or deities, the supernatural or ethereal realities, and do not hold to any by-product of belief in god or gods, thus religion. A religion is comprised of rituals and rites, creeds, statements of faith and sacraments, and individuals organized in such a way that endorse,profess and subscribe to a belief in a deity to justify these components of faith. So, do not use red herring and fallacious arguments or… Read more »
hopndon hopndon

I like how all these bible thumpers try to dispute scientific facts when most of us wouldn't be here if it wasn't for science.

Chris Monroe

I am an atheist, and I have no problems with anyone reading the bible. Using public schools to promote a religion is wrong. Would Tuckers argument be the same if it were a islam study group? And if the supreme court already made a decision then it needs to be followed.

Knight Robot

Tucker took the L with this one

Tina Brock

everyone is afraid to stand on what they believe or they are always worried what the other is going to think i on the other hand am not i love the LORD and HIS WORD and am very proud of who i am and what i believe "AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD"

Ryan Williams

A very hard matter to debate.

Ryan Williams

I think tucker got it wrong here and tucker is a great reporter

Broken Window

This is wrong. They will shut down the Christians, but they will promote Islam. This is a culture war.

Bbug Kim

Oh but it's okay for the public school to teach transgender. same sex marriage and now Islam without parents approval.



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