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Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

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Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?

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34 Comments on "Are Charter Schools Better Than Public Schools?"

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vita buds

all of us are geniuses. but if you teach a fish how to climb a tree, this poor fish will think he is an idiot forever.

Cool Tapes

Homework in public schools = look for words in a book, then write the sentence that comes after. We call them definitions.


Wait…prageru supporting state/publicly-funded education!?!? This must be the wrong channel!!

nikola kalchev

This is a generally good video. Cheers.


The unions will eventually sink their teeth into the private schools and then they'll slowly become just as bad as the public institutes.

Baby Jesus

Public schools are just turning kids into leftist robots that are not aloud to think on their own. For example, my co-worker sent his 8 year old daughters to public school and he was a trump supporter and when his kids got back from school they started talking about how bad trump is just because the school system doesn't like him.

Gustav The Mad

All religious schools should be banned. Separation of church and state, indoctrinates children into bs and gives priests perfect opportunity to molest children.


What our government should do is allow people who enroll in private schools a big state tax cut


does this explain charlottesville?

Philip Faustman

2 of my 3 grown adult children went to charter schools. They both are now successful self reliant young adults 🙂

Miguel Diyarza

In NYC charter school means "school for white students" and public school means "school for mexican, chinese and black students" :v

jh72826 Harris

I find it interesting he left out the fact that charter schools in chicago all rank at the bottom when compared to public schools. I'm not public schools are better than charter schools, however, because anybody, corporation, government organization, and nonprofit can open a school a number of them will have more problems than other school especially if they were made for the sole purpose of making a profit rather than aiding students. This video left out several problems with charter schools that is worth mentioning.


Better is not good enough. I go to a charter school and from other people's descriptions of public highschool, I can't tell the difference. In the end charters are still state funded inefficient beauracracies.


This doesn't bring up the huge fraud problem in charter schools. Also the number of students attending them is improperly inflated due to the fact that there is a high rate of fake enrollments to increase funds. The more you know, do some research of your own. Don't listen to this biased commercial.

rAdiant Jet
In the mid 90s I was accepted into a charter school called Aerospace academy. It helped me learn about electronics and computers. It also taught a proper work ethic and how to manage money. I got my first bank account with a credit union trough the charter school. I got internships and summer jobs at places like Harris corp. and other NASA contractors. I started my freshmen year of high school and by my senior year the school board had shut the school down!! We fought to keep the school open but the school board did not care and gave… Read more »
Kevin Mcallister

I worked in charter schools for 9 years. No regulations, poorly trained personnel, no oversight. Public schools offer way more.

Italo Reboucas

Hello, I'm Brazilian and i didn't understand the difference between a chart school and a public school. Someone could explain me with more details? Thanks.

Evan Dugas

What's the difference between Charter and Private?

MGO Games

"Minorities and low income" soo even though you guys seem to push towards actual equality you say that quote on quote minorites are always the poor and unequal people here. Which I don't think thats fair. You all push for true equality however you say in this video that people of-again-a "minority" need to be treated specially. Idk that's what I got from the whole minority thing they were saying. If I'm wrong please explain


I'd make a "laughs in canadian" joke but that'd be rude.

Benjamin McLean

Charter schools aren't enough. We need vouchers for private schools, especially for religious schools, especially for the religious schools which make the atheists the maddest.

Daniel McDonald

this new style is a lot better


PragerU keeps repeating many of the same narratives over and over again. If they say it enough do they think it will actually become true?

sam sloan

A friend of mine got new teacher of the year for 8th grade science but was back serving tables because some other teacher with more seniority came back from a 6 year vacation and took his job

The Keyboard Warrior

NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. An entire grade of students who had to retake basic science classes when going to middle school because their charter school teacher just played movies and napped all class long. Charter schools have no regulations and do not strive to meet any standard most of the time. SO NO. Imagini Public Charter taught me to never ever ever think charter schools are good ideas.


Nicely presented advertisement for big business.


Time to put away with the Public school system that is holding kids back from an education, that is all about money.

Jakob Davis

I bet you'll get called a Nazi for this video LOL.

Shaun Gibson

I'm a huge Prager fan but they missed the mark on this one. Charter schools are public schools and the problems inherent with the system belong to them as well. I am sure everyone has their statistics, but locally in NM, charter schools on average perform no better than the public schools. In a state that is last in education that is abysmal. True educational reform will not be accomplished through and should not be pacified by the charter school movement. Real school choice is necessary.

Survival Dayz

i go to a charter school and like it but a problem is that the charter school teachers can be fired for no reason and the wages are lower

Marshall Tuten

ITs interesting. Often, tax funds being used on things are viewed negatively by conservatives. But this makes a ton of sense. If we use tax dollars on good, competitive education, more will graduate, learn real skills, be motivated to learn, attend college for things that matter, and make an impact on our society on economy.

D Ransom

This is the First video on this channel I agree with. Why is Education taught differently in Amercia if we are suppose to share the same system?! School of Choice. Us Amercian Minorities and Whites have to stop this government from dividing us.


America has a really shitty Education System!


You forgot that if you leave a charter school, they won't accept you back.



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