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ABC News Election Night 2016 Coverage – 9pm Hour (Hillary R. Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump)

ABC News Election Night 2016 Coverage – 9pm Hour (Hillary R. Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump)

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ABC News Election Night 2016 Coverage – 9pm Hour (Hillary R. Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump)


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27 Comments on "ABC News Election Night 2016 Coverage – 9pm Hour (Hillary R. Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump)"

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Robert T

I love how they use "non college educated" as a negative. College has become a place where ignorant children go to become mindless regurgitators.

Matt Pizzano

The bias is vomit-inducing.


LOL. Trump showed them! Trump 2020 too!!!!!


Donna Brazille = BIG FAT LIAR, she did get the questions and she did give them to Hillary, 100% fact!!!! She is part of the reason Americans voted for Trump and against the democrats because they are fed up with the lying, deceit, corruption!!!!


I like the horrible music they keep playing


Democrats apparently never giving up in any way … They can´t accept that Hillary lost but comes with one after an other "Fake News" to feed their anarchists on the streets … Trump does it well as for a policy of change in America!
By the way Putin is a greate leader in our opinion … He fights terrorists and pls stop the muslims! ¤ Scandinavian voices ¤

Edward Adams

please Baltimore slum village. only people that live there are too poor to move.

Cruz Newz
Wanna know the warning sign you have gone over the edge of Realty. When you begin to believe your own lies & Spin listen to these PHONY out of touch Morons UTAH MAYBE IN PLAY, Texas, W. Vir. my goodness it's comical to watch these fools.I must admit though it is Glorious to watch them be HUMILIATED BEYOND BELIEF FOREVER. As I have always said nothing but a bunch of Talking Heads who know nothing more than the average Joe their just on TV most of them are Spineless little people with no self esteem they just repeat what they… Read more »
Mike fortrump

"We're seeing alot of Red"
The Dims most repeated comment on election night.


The minority vote, the elite vote, the democrat vote, the media, the money, the ground game, Hilliary………………..LOST! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! These biased people were so WRONG! They keep telling us that the minorities are going to take over, and this will be the last election republicans can win. They said this first in 2006, but after 2016, republicans have now won 4 straight, except Obama's re-election. Just think, more than 1,300 political office holders have become republican since Obama won in 2008.

James Longstreet

ABC's "expert" Jon Karl was so utterly wrong on so many points, the wonder is why he's still employed!
He kept on claiming a magic box of votes in Florida, he ignored Wisconsin until it was obvious Trump was going to win there…….
Probably hired by George Stephanopoulos, the Mike Dukakis/Dem Party hack who ABC presents as a "nonpartisan journalist."

John Palomino

Love the part where Brazille blatantly lies and now we know she actually did leak the questions because she has admitted it

terry tattrie

Donna Brazille, what a liar! She recently admitted that she gave Clinton the debate questions.


I love this


Good god these idiots were mouthing nonsense when the tidal wave was right in front of them, while they were being swept up in it.

tim murray

hahahahahahaha! ! Not ONE "EXPERT" was even close.

Gary Schneider

I used the google voice feature for the first time. I said find "corrupt piece of shit" It took me straight to the Clinton Foundation.


Just came across this. I Never Ever get tired of watching these videos. The Loony Leftists and RINO's (but I repeat myself) are just so utterly clueless. And, all these months later they still are just as clueless now as they were then. I'm loving every minute of it. Thank the Lord Jesus Christ for President Donald Trump!!!


What a pack of biased jerks


@2:09 "..population was 90% white. Today, Apex a town of 42,000… the hispanic population is up 300%. The black population up 80%. Asian pacific population up 600%…." Doesn't mention the crime is up 200%, welfare applications up 300%…. those things they stay quiet about. Why is the mainstream media always pushing the narrative that a decrease in the white population is a good thing?

For people who read and think? HOW DARE YOU ACCUSE half the nation of being mindless morons. Who had the audacity to say something like that. This entire presidential run was about JOBS. Jobs that are leaving our borders by the millions. Jobs that would have left here like a rat on a burning ship if TTIP ever went through. Clinton's Husband who signed the NAFTA agreement had manufacturing jobs leave here by the millions to Mexico. Jobs that you once had, jobs that paid most of the federal taxes, GONE. Jobs that elitists never cared about, after all, manufacturing jobs are for peons aren't they? The… Read more »
acorn sucks


James Donald

Nice job recording by hour!

Johnny Pastrana
These goofballs keep pivoting to 'echo chamber' in their interpretations of what is going down here…then they all end up eating one big shit sandwich at the end. Delightful, but sad there is nobody on staff that has the stones to buck the network (of course they are not mistaken, but rather corrupted and bribed). What a bunch of pathetic losers they all are. I am amazed that these people are able to get to the bathroom on time. The joyous spin of the events rapidly fades when the 'will of the people' bubbles up to the surface. Step's efforts… Read more »
John Kaszanek

Hate CommunistDemocraticParty and CommunistMainStreamMedia! Hate them!

Eskimo Joe

So happy to watch Clinton lose. Great night for America.

Don Buschini

Dumb and a damn LIAR



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