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8 Climate Change Predictions PROVEN 100% False

8 Climate Change Predictions PROVEN 100% False

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8 Climate Change Predictions PROVEN 100% False

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38 Comments on "8 Climate Change Predictions PROVEN 100% False"

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Grey Scott
A prediction is basically taking objective data and forming a hypothesis on the future. I can predict the Cavaliers will win the finals because of their record, and how well they've faced other teams, that doesn't mean it's guaranteed. So I'm not sure how this video removes legitimacy from climate studies. When it comes to this topic there are people who are on two extreme sides. There's the side that doesn't believe in it therefore will do nothing about it, and there's the side that wants everyone to immediately freak the fuck out and change our way of life as… Read more »
The Marshmallow Man

Solution, nuclear… VERY safe despite what retards on both the left and right will tell you. Also if you are wanting to debate the safety of fission plants feel free (physics major)

Edward Gollihugh

She's forgetting that because he pays all that carbon tax All's "carbon footprint" is actually really small!!😂😂😂😂😂😅 lol like paying a tax offsets any real damage he's doing. It shows he knows his actions do nothing to the environment and he knows it, climate change is and has always been one big boondoggle.

Theyn Smith

She looks scary

Kyle Taylor

When not a single prediction was made by a climate scientist…
Jesus Christ, how about trying to debunk actual science instead of going after politicians that don't know what the fuck they are talking about and thinking you're nailing it.


inb4 crowder is an apple cuck

Agent. ( -_-)

Of course climate changes, but it goes up and down because its a process, also Solar cycles help with this change, which is a 11 year session at a time.


An Inconvenient Truth 2: I lied to all of you for money and power. Thank you and good night, LA!

Red Hood

Hey Crowder potholer54 might do a response to this video, as his fans (including me) are begging him to do so. If he does, get ready for an ass whooping you right-wing SJW.

Arman Raider

how about you take issue with peer reviewed papers instead of comments mostly made by non-scientists or scientists writing in non-peer reviewed books… none of which carry any weight in the scientific community?

oh because its easy to poke at some funny quotes and say lol global warming is a hoax


Looks like someone needs another good thrashing from potholer since they haven't learn their lesson.

Edgar Marenales

al gore is no scientist , you are like the antivaccination wackos at this point.


Why pick on poor Al Gore ? He not only had the 2000 election stolen from him…but he is one of the greatest inventors of all time; The Internet – ManBearPig – and Global Warming (or Climate Change, or whatever the next false term is) and I'm Super Duper Serial !!!

Kyle Davies

You consistently trumpet false claims with the smugness of someone you'd think had some type of expertise. You're so combative while being provably false.. it's absurd.

feminism is cancer

why are you such a retard crowder?


I see no refutation here of any scientific paper that states that the earth's average temperature is rising. Showing us that Prince Charles, Al Gore and anyone at the U.N. are idiots (which most people know by now), is not a refutation of Global Warming. The Prince of Wales is convinced homeopathy works, therefore by your logic, homeopathy is sound medicine.

A Dog Swimming
Can someone provide me any evidence that climate change experts are wrong about it? If it really is false, I do want to know about it. But meanwhile, here's my explanation: The Inconvenience Truth was made over 10 years ago. Those predictions are made assuming nothing will change. Even if you people didn't change your lifestyle much, A LOT of people have. Many technological advances have helped us pollute less and clean up a lot of garbage. And predictions are only based on the information they have. Even if the weather forecast is off, you still check it when you… Read more »

So this was a trailer for the real pay-to-play video which shows the 8 climate change predictions that were 100% FALSE?!?!? WTF

Nate john

For Al now its more of An inconvenient lie!

The_Dailey on Twitter
The_Dailey on Twitter

I went from being a Global Warming Alarmist to a Skeptic to a Realist.
The basic science is there but the evidence is not.

Kaiser Trigger

Well, we shouldn't stay on fossil fuels, but we don't need to just switch now. No reason to think we're going to die in 10 years, or even 100.

clorox bleach

Climax Predictions…


I don't understand the point in attacking al gore as if he is some sort of pope of climate change. He's got nothing to do with climate scientists or any research

Andrew Carter

As I prefer it's alternate title A Convenient Lie.

misukiy Lambertson

If this lady honestly believes fossil fuels are sustainable, yet alone the most reliable source of energy, she's an idiot. Nuclear energy dwarfs fossil fuels in efficiency.

Great Basin Trapper

Polar bear population has increased 450% since there peak of lowest population back in 1978.

Hollywood Undead and Pink guy Fanatic
Hollywood Undead and Pink guy Fanatic

climate change is real it is just extremely over hyped on how severe our effects will be. We enhance the effect through our additional contributions of our burning which is not natural. That is the primary issue that in the long term is a threat to our survival as a species.

Breandan Byrne

Liquid thorium reactors, China's doing it! Why don't we? WHERE THE FUCK IS MAN BEAR PIG?!?

She's wrong about polar bears. Certain population estimates have increased because previous population surveys from back in the 70s/80s were not as complete. In other words, saying that polar bear populations have increased is like having based the population of the US on one city, then coming back years later and finding that the overall population is in fact bigger. But the overall trend is stable/down. When I say stable/down trends, that means some populations are presumed to have not changed in recent decades because their conditions are good (i.e. more ice cover for longer time). Other populations have measurably… Read more »



In the first 2 minutes that extremely unattractive woman Can't stop saying polar bears

James Dill

If you're going to promise a list of myths that will be debunked throughout the video in the title, you should actually make a list of myths and then set out debunking them.

Darrell Rees

Debunking predictions of climate change made by politicians and environmental activists is like shooting fish in a barrel. Doing this while ignoring the evidence and projections of real climate scientists is the height of stupidity and irresponsibility.

"Comparing Climate Projections to
Observations up to 2011"
Rahmstorf et al
Env. Res. Letters 2012


Gotta love the dichotomy…Left: "But, if we repeal Obamacare overnight, many people will die from not having proper coverage!!!"Right: "They wouldn't repeal it overnight.  They'd do it gradually, stupid"Right: "But if we do away with fossil fuels overnight, many people will die from energy shortages!!!"…….

Keegan Calhoun
I advise all viewers to do their own critical thinking and their own research on this matter. this is an extremely biased, unscientific view on climate change. can't use one man's view on the issue cloud your judgement. there is a carbon cycle that, on paper looks that we provide a small and insignificant portion of, but it DOES have huge impact on climate. don't listen to liberals don't listen to conservatives. just listen to those that respect the scientific method and search for objective truths. if on both sides of the issue we forget everything we know about climate… Read more »
Bravest Epoch

Go to the NASA website. There's actual scientist there.


it seems as if climate scientists have to be 100 percent right, else even 0.01 percent of error would be considered by the public as evidence of fraud and used against them. On the contrary, climate change deniers only need to be right 0.01 percent of times and wrong on every single other statement in order to be seen as "leading experts" and convince the public that the climate change narrative is falling apart.

Kathy Florcruz

Love this list of just how STUPID the scam was, and continues to be. Traitor Obama signing the U.S. up to pay the HIGHEST on the planet "carbon"taxes to be paid directly to the pigs st the U.N. well…if that doesn't point out what a NWO prostitute he is, what will?



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