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#207 BYE BYE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Ben Shapiro Dishes on Cenk Uygur | Louder With Crowder

#207 BYE BYE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Ben Shapiro Dishes on Cenk Uygur | Louder With Crowder

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#207 BYE BYE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Ben Shapiro Dishes on Cenk Uygur | Louder With Crowder

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44 Comments on "#207 BYE BYE AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Ben Shapiro Dishes on Cenk Uygur | Louder With Crowder"

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Herman Chang
Hey black people, I myself experienced Racist by Black people by white people by 10 to 1. by that I mean that I was called Slant eyes slope head 10 times by black people and for every 10 blacks, 1 white called me the same. When I wanted to go to college, I had to score on my SATs a higher schore by at least 400 points than black people when white people only had to score 100 points less then me. Wow, affirmative action, what an equalizer. Don't talk to me about blacks not equal to me or white… Read more »
Gimps Unlimited

Who's your Daddy?!!!

Jonathan Keating

Please permanently replace G Morgan Jr with Bill Richmond. Thank you.

Falcon Elaris

1.5 Terabytes… and they show floppy disks… lol

Led Skull1337



It kills me that usually the first commercial break on LwC videos is Amy Shumer's movie trailer😁😭

Justin Tuttle

37:3249:07 (((Steven Crowder))) ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )


I'd make Jesus dictator for life.

Kyle Crane

Let the Borg assimilate into their collective before we take on more Borg! Keep dividing by 2! Halve the half's and so fourth!

Courtney Scoffs

I'm not even kidding. I almost peed myself at the Bob Ross thing. I just can't. I can't.

David Seabrooke
i would suggest you look in to Israel and their taking on disabled people in to the military as well as women and skinny nerds. every one has their place and a part they can play being a part of the military does not mean fighting on the front lines there are many other positions jobs and placements that people can fill. do i think a downs person should be fighting? nope! do i think a downs person might be able to serve if they feel patriotic and love their country? yes same with any body but all in the… Read more »

I don't think Steven actually likes beer.

jeanbean14 L

The thug life reactions to Ben's debate clips. Lol!!

TheNotSo EpicJake

I came for ben

Galeano Rodriguez

I grew up watching bob ross, but this is too good haha "the beauty of brown"

Andrew Kirchner

I kno Shapiro believes his realm of influence is better as a commentator than as a politician, but he should consider running eventually. He pulled 3k ppl for politicon. Over 3x the crowd they'd planned for.

After seeing him "make his rounds" I admire his conviction to avoid cursing for his beliefs. He's not preachy with his beliefs, but he does an impressive job of explaining the reasoning and purpose he believes God gave the Jews the law for and how he uses it to interpret the world and politics. As a Christian that resonates with me.

Randall Hayden

I was gonna give you a compliment, but couldn't make it thru the whole 89 minutes.


I want your lawyer to read me books

DooM Guy 83

The one thing I love about Ben is something he said a few years ago. and that is that conservatives are out of touch in the political arena especially in debate. He said that conservatives are still living in the past 50 years ago when people had real, fair, respectable debates. He said that the left always stoops to character attacks and trying to scream over you so that you run out of time and cannot be heard. Three years ago or more he said this. He was ready for Cenk years ago.

Harry Merchant

The Bob Ross skit was pretty good.

Mohamed Woni

I love the skits on ur show. LMAO..😂😂😂😂

Max Finazzo

I want that lawyer to do ASMR.

Joe Crocker


Matt A

AT 18:45 he says that white suspects are "three times more likely to be shot by police than black suspects." He then shows a brief except from the "study." One problem: the study referenced was a computer simulation. I am familiar with it. The actual numbers show that blacks unarmed blacks are more likely to be shot than whites. It discredits Crowder and his show to fudge the statistics like this. C'mon man … now it will be hard for me to take you seriously.

Pan T. Sniffer

i saw cenk debate dinesh d'souza and all he did was yell and interupt and not let him talk, so i dont think i even wanna watch him try and debate shapiro. he's just a fat obnoxious prick.

Donovan Miller

"…to which I respond ..haha …no …have you seen this show…"

John Dunn

If only my coworkers knew why I was laughing while the intro played over my headphones…

Timothy Ferri

Did Ana Kasparian leave her shave kit behind? LMAO


I really got a kick out of that.

Alex Brine

Someone please I will buy that song

buffy putastakeinem

Dinesh-can't wait to read your new book!
Read 'Lenin, Stalin, & Hitler: The Age of Social Catastrophe' some years ago. Excellent. Talks extensively on how progressive democratic plans and policies were used by Hitler and the nazis. You can see so many of their policies and tactics every day in America today.


Ben's face when Cenk says, "OF COOOOUUUURSE!" XD He is just like, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Michelle Sin

Omg you are hilarious. Subbed n belled

Peter DaSilva

Thanks, Steven. I needed the laugh. Unfortunately I can't stop laughing and my co-workers are wondering why.


Did you say that federal is a branch of government? Lol. 1:17:16, I think you need to go back to Schoolhouse Rock. Good video though. There can be near perfect people. The Philosopher King would be the best leader – Plato.

Evan Standley

I wanted to post this after P&G's video of the "The Talk," this is clip is from an episode of Star Trek DS9,, watch it!! Let's learn from the past and make sure that we don't repeat it, but leave the hate back there as well.

Dagda Afternoon

1:07:35 …. This just killed me

Johnny Evans

hahaha I love the way Steven says it!!!!

Glen Copeland

Never seen a GoA, episode, nor Sapranos, no OITNB. I don't have time with Crowder taking up 1 1/3 hour of my day.

Milk Drinker

At least Germany can't go fourth reich because of their crippled transexual military.

Stephen Smith

Love the Bob vid !! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

iridescent dove

I love how Dinesh strategically placed his new book prominently in the background. Lol!



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